Loft Conversion

Trying to find expert loft conversion ideas and advice that will provide you with a well-designed, cleverly thought-out extra space? When you begin any focus on your loft conversion’s interior design, it’s vital to have not only the structure right, but also your allowance, the room’s configuration, the positioning of windows, and obviously your loft’s energy efficiency.


People like installing dormers because they give more headroom to a loft. Moreover, they can add value to the appeal of the entire house. Of course, when someone wants to set up a dormer in the UK, they need to get proper planning permissions.

Electrical services

We’re fully qualified to offer fitting and maintenance in all residential and commercial properties, and regularly perform work for local housing organisations and landlords.

Plumbing services

Our residential plumbing services encompass anything related to your home’s plumbing system. Simply stated, if water runs through it, or should, we’ve you covered. In addition, we also provide gas line installation and repair.

Basements Conversion

A basement is the perfect location for additional family living space, such as a playroom or home entertainment room. It is also a great place to relocate the utility room, boiler and storage, freeing up more valuable above-ground space.